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by Rebi Ul Ibrahim

Comprehensive The course provided by QHSE online courses website on IMS is very comprehensive and well structured. It was really helpful for me.

Very informative and knowledge based online IMS training

by Sandeep S Amin

Very informative and knowledge based online IMS training The online training course and curriculum set is simple and easy to understand for anyone who does not have any knowledge about Quality systems. Highly recommended for everyone to take this course

Very useful in human life at the workplace or at home

by Krishna Sunar

This is a very useful good opportunity to have a safe manner to control the environment and provisional process

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By the end of this Integrated Management Systems Overview training course delegates will be able to:

Assess the benefits of an integrated approach to management systems.

Demonstrate knowledge of the structure and requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001.

Appreciate the synergies between these management system standards.

Course curriculum

  1. 3
    • Step 3: Internal Gap Analysis

    • Checklist Questions - Monitoring & measurement

    • Step 4: Documentation/Process Design

    • Step 5: Documentation/Process Implementation

    • Checklist Questions - Control of Production & Service Provision

    • Checklist Questions - Identification & Evaluation of Aspects, Impacts & Risks And Customer related processes

    • Checklist Questions - Documentation, Documents and Record Control

    • Checklist Questions - Internal and External Communication

    • Checklist Questions - Emergency Preparedness and Response

  2. 4
    • Step 6: Internal Audit

    • Checklist Questions - Internal Audit

    • Step 7: Organize a Management ‘System’ Review Meeting

    • Checklist Questions - Management Review

    • Checklist Questions - Purchasing

  3. 5
    • Step 8: Thorough Gap Analysis of implemented system

    • Step 9: Corrective Actions

    • Checklist Questions - Accidents, Incidents, Non conformance and Corrective & Preventive Action